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Weapon Rules

Post by Phrame on Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:58 am


well we all know what weapons are, but you character doesn't just magically start with a weapon (unless your group/organaization says you do), but even before that, at some point you will have to apply for a weapon or purchase a weapon. Note that only People that specialize in the Weapons field can make BRAND NEW weapons, otherwise you have to buy one that's already made from the shop.


  • Throwing knives: All throwing knives cost 50 credits each (you get whatever amount you've thrown back when you enter a new thread). So you can purchase 3 throwing knives, use them in your first thread, but in that thread you can't use them anymore (unless you go retrieve them). BUT when you enter your new thread, you automatically get those 3 throwing knives back.

  • Katana (weapons): All Katana swords in general cost 100 credits.
  • Pistols: All Pistols in general cost between 100-150 credits
  • Sub Machine Guns: All SMG's in general cost between 500-600 credits
  • Heavy Machine Guns: All Heavy Machine Guns in general cost between 1000-1500 credits
  • Sniper Guns: All guns designed for snipers in general cost between 1500-2000 credits
  • Rocket Launchers: All Rocket Launchers in general cost between 1500-2000 credits
  • Automatic guns (sentry guns, turrets etc.): All Automatic functioning guns in general cost between 4000-4500 credits.
  • Chainsaws/Flame throwers: All Chainsaws and Flamethrowers in general cost between 1500-2000 credits each.

  • grenades: All grenades cost 100 credits each.
  • Semtex grenades: All semtex grenades cost 100 credits each.
  • Smoke grenades: All smoke grenades cost 100 credits each.
  • Acid grenade: (that's right, there's an acid grenade) All acid grenades cost 200 credits each
  • C-4 (claymore): All C-4 cost 500 credits each (trigger comes free)
  • Flare (choose colour): All flares cost 50 credits each (you never need to buy another flare gun, the free one you start with you never loose)

Appearance (replace appearance with a picture of the weapon)
Name: (what is it called?)
Type: (Gun, Sword, Bat…etc.)
Quantity: (How many are you buying?)

Use the code below


Appearance (replace appearance with a picture of the weapon)
[b]Name:[/b] (what is it called?)
[b]Type:[/b] (Gun, Sword, Bat…etc.)
[b]Quantity:[/b] (How many are you buying?)

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