The Prologue

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The Prologue

Post by Zed on Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:41 am

You wake up in a safe house, with no clue of how you got here. You are in a small and confined room; with only the bed you’re laying on, a small table and the light on the roof that kills the darkness in your room. You look over towards the small table: there are a few items on it. You see a small, cylinder-shaped container, no bigger than a glue stick. It has green liquid in it, but you move your eye away from it and quickly notice another item: a flare gun. Next to it was a small, survival knife, resting on top of a small note. You sit up on your bed and slide the note towards you from under the knife. You read it; it says: ‘Some items to help you on you survive the apocalypse. The flare gun is loaded with 10 GREEN flares, and the small cylinder-shaped syringe is a single dose of Chemical EMBLEM, use it in case a zombie bites, and the knife is for skinning an orange. No, it’s for keeping your butt alive. You are one of the few surviving humans in this city: good luck staying alive’.

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