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Where the story Starts

Post by Phrame on Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:25 am

The zombies, they are everywhere, but they weren’t always there to start with.
100 years ago, zombies didn’t exist.

They were a myth; people spoke of them as movie characters. Today, however, we live our lives in fear of zombies taking our lives from our hands. Today, we all have a weapon of some sort to keep the baggers away, though they just keep coming and coming. We have no military, no Governments, except that made by the civilians. As I said before, things weren’t always like this. It all happened, because of an experiment gone wrong.

Once, a scientist and a doctor, teamed up to make something that could resurrect the dead. The two worked for a company called R.A.Z.A (back then it stood for: Resurrection At  Zone Alpha). People laughed at their idea and told them it couldn’t be done, but D.r Demetrius and Professor Phrame, were determined that such an achievement could be done, before 2020 was over even. The two developed a few chemicals to test on dead corpses. Only one stood out the most: the one they called ‘Chemical Sun’. They decided to test it on the dead corpse of a dog, and believed that if their calculations had been correct: they should be able to revive the canine. They drugged the dog with Chemical Sun, and after a few weeks of nothing, the dog opened its eyes for the first time, since its death. News about the achievement broke news headlines, every news agency wanted an interview with the two Professors, but they kept their results away from the public, until the revived dog, back then named Cyris, walked for the first time. The news spread around the globe instantly and the two Professors became famous inventors: for reviving the dead. After a few weeks of test on Cyris, Professor Phrame discovered that their drug had a few bugs; for the dog showed signs of blindness and impaired hearing. He also suspected that the creature couldn’t feel pain; for when he trudged over its body one day, it didn’t react at all. Weeks after the dog’s day of being revived, it died for the second time, but this time, Chemical Sun couldn’t bring it back to life again. They re-worked on Chemical Sun, and ended up with ‘Chemical Moon’.

Again, they tested the new drug on this same dog, this time it rose from the dead for the second time. Governments around the world all sponsored the project, as they would essentially make trillions and trillions of dollars from the drug. It would very well become the world’s most priceless object in the world: one dose costing more than gold itself. A lot of money was used to fund for the program, but after Cyris died, this time only 3 days after his second revival, all hope for the drug was lost. Countries demanded for the project’s termination. Professor Phrame was ready to end the project, but his partner Demetrius wasn’t; he wanted to continue on with the project, but after the whole world basically forbid him from going further with his project, he left R.A.Z.A and went to secretly continue with the project. He didn’t have the help of Professor Phrame, and alone his skills weren’t nearly good enough to make a resurrection dose.

After he revived an actual human, he found out that she was immortal to non-catastrophic damage: he cut her arm off, but she didn’t feel any pain. He stabbed her in the heart, but she didn’t die. The girl lived for 2 years, which was longer than Cyris, suggesting that maybe this new dose that Demetrius made, was better than Chemicals Sun and Moon. He broadcasted on live television, explaining his success. Almost the whole world bought a copy of this new chemical, that had the power to resurrect the dead, but there was more to it than what meets the eyes. Sure, the resurrected could go up to 10 years without dying, but they developed a virus known as ‘Troft’, that basically turned them into living, dead zombies. D.r Demetrius had over-dosed on this chemical, and as a result, became the most contagious zombie of all, but also, was completely immortal in his new form. He could be blown up to pieces, but would be able to re-generate soon after being attacked. He could not be killed. Because of the fact that nearly half of the world had injected themselves with this new chemical, they became permanent zombies, and were so contagious; that they could turn others into Zombies as well with only one bite. Professor Phrame knew the core ingrediants that were used to make Chemicals Sun, Moon and Troft, and with that knowledge, he was able to make an antidote he called; ‘Chemical EMBLEM’. He had the only blue-prints ever made of how Chemical EMBLEM was made, and was the only person alive who knew from the top of his heard, how to make Chemical EMBLEM. After Demetrius found out that his ex-partner had made a chemical that could counter his: he made it his top priority to ensure that he didn’t share any information of that chemical with anyone else, which involved killing him. After the one and only cargo-crate full of chemical EMBLEM was made and shared amongst tha last remaining humans, Professor Phrame disappeared, along with the blue prints for Chemical Emblem, leaving the world trapped in the Zombie Apocalypse…

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