Yoru [Character App]

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Yoru [Character App]

Post by YoruDrache on Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:17 pm

Your appearance (switch your appearance with an image of yourself)
Name: Yoru
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Expertise: Medic.
Field(s): Exorcist. Sniper.

Height: 5” 11’
Weight: 153
Hair: Long black hair. Nothing special.
Eyes: Emerald green eyes. Left eye missing and bandaged over.
b]General Appearance:[/b] Simple tight clothing that allows easy movements without restricting or catching on things. Clothing made for outdoor wear and shoes for running. As seen in image above. Yes she can run in heeled boots. Ignore the headphones though.

Likes: She likes music and sweets. Especially sweets. If you can get her some sweets she might do you a favor. She also enjoys night time and dark places. She greatly enjoys getting gifts from anybody ,but she doesn't expect it no matter what she does.She also likes to read. She likes to make people smile so don't mind her if she gets kinda goofy at times or cracks random jokes. One last thing you need to know is that she likes strawberries.
Dislikes: There are many things she dislikes like the color pink. She also hates when people interrupt her reading. She dislikes when people steal her kills ,but she can deal with it. She hates when someone is rude to her while she is trying to help them. She also hates large groups of people.
Fears: She doesn't really fear much. At a time she feared heights ,but she's not entirely sure if she got over that. She fears dying alone or dying in a simple way. She doesn't want to die of sickness. She fears being burned alive for her own reasons. She also fears that someone she cares about will try to kill her. Strange but again she has her reasons.
Motivations: Her biggest motivation is that she is optimistic. She sees the good in everything and this allows her to keep going and keep fighting. She is also motivated byt the possibility she could make some friends or make a name for herself. She doesn't really care about her old family she is pretty confident that they're gone for good where ever they are.
Personality: Yoru is a very patient person when it comes to anything but children. She can be extremely kind and usually is, but once you get on her bad side it’s all over for you. She can be a mean girl and she can be coldhearted at times, but she tries her best not to be. As sick and twisted as her heart is she fights to be known as a kind and gentle person. She is very determined to stay alive and feels that she needs to stay alive to help those she can. In personality wise she’s a fighter and a healer.

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Re: Yoru [Character App]

Post by Phrame on Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:04 am


You may start Rping.


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